Monday, 5 December 2016


Following the success of the ITFA Insurance Committee, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce an Insurance Committee section in the ITFA website. Since, its formation in August 2015, this Committee has been very active, and it is for this reason, that we decided to dedicate a part of the ITFA website solely to the Insurance Committee.

The information included in this section gives a brief background of how and why the Committee was initially formed, it describes the achievements of the Committee and lists all Committee members. Please click here to view the Insurance Committee section in the ITFA website.

Moreover, to further enhance the ease of finding any documents relating to the Insurance Committee such as Presentations, Published Guidelines, etc, we have gone a step further, and in the member area of the ITFA website, we have also included another section where all documents concerning the Insurance Committee can be found. Please click here to view the link, however bear in mind, that this area of the website is restricted to ITFA members only.

As we continually promise, ITFA is always working in the best interest of its members and we do hope that this additional information on the ITFA website is useful and also easy to find and refer to in case of need.

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