Tuesday, 5 December 2017


The GRC workshop was hosted by ODDO BHF. Florian Witt, Head of Marketing & Development, International Banking welcomed the 34 participants before Waltraud Raderschall, ITFA GRC chair, opened the workshop.

Having taken place for a number of years now, the ITFA GRC fall event offers the opportunity to exchange views on a wide range of topics which can be submitted by the participating institutions prior to the event.

The board members (Christine Borusiak, Silja Calac, Oliver Pfaff, Waltraud Raderschall and Knut Richter) guided through the various questions consisting of latest updates regarding BAFT agreement, regulatory issues, questions on Forfaiting and L/C matters, queries and updates on Insurance and Fintech.

There were positive contributions to most of the topics and everyone could experience the concentrated knowledge present in the room.

Waltraud, who was very active in the GRC and engaged in ITFA since its inception (e.g. ITFA board, ITFA GRC chair, ITFA Market Practice committee) has retired at the end of October and we can honestly say that she will be missed not only by the German community but also by the ITFA community as a whole.

At the end of the workshop the re-elections took place and in addition to the existing board members, Irene Port of UniCredit Bank AG and Stefan Fett of Commerzbank were newly elected. It was unanimously agreed that Irene Port will chair the GRC.

The workshop was followed by a Christmas dinner sponsored by ITFA and some topics of the day were further discussed along with tapas, wine and beer.

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