Sunday, 1 January 2017


The ITFA Board is pleased to announce the following two new members.

Qatar National Bank is a deposit taking firm, with a consumer credit licence under the regulated permissions.

The London branch provides syndicated and bilateral loan facilities to corporate entities, including real estate loans to SPV's to facilitate Qatari borrowers to residential and commercial properties.

The branch continues to provide trade finance facilities to European companies exporting strategic goods and commodities and involved in projects in Qatar and the MENA region as well as guarantees and bonds for Qatari companies undertaking projects in Europe.

David Ringer will be the Main Delegate for all ITFA related matters.

TrustBills is an electronic marketplace for selling international trade receivables to international investors such as institutional investors, factoring companies, banks and corporates. Its goal is to be an international receivables exchange for sellers and buyers of international trade receivables with the participation of top financial service providers.

Joerg Hoerster will be the Main Delegate for all ITFA related matters.

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