Tuesday, 18 October 2016


As we have always promised, the ITFA Board ensures to listen to members' constructive feedback and address it instantly (where possible). Following the feedback we received after the ITFA Annual Conference held in Warsaw last month, we immediately got to work to do our uttermost to find a solution to the issue that was brought up - the speed of the ITFA website. 

In order to address the problem, we instantly got into discussions with our IT consultants and have come up with a solution. As from the month of October, the ITFA website has switched to another host server in order to resolve the speed problem. The new server space also includes Sitelock and Cloudflare, which are two services that improve speed and keep the website safe against hacker attacks, brute force attacks, etc. 

Thankfully, the transition/migration of the ITFA website to the new server was a smooth process. I am sure that once you all access the website, one will surely tell the difference with respect to speed. We can now proudly boast of having a faster, more reliable website in order to continue to improve on efficiency.

As always, we take your comments very seriously, therefore should you have any feedback you may want to share with us, please do so by sending an email to our general email, info@itfa.org.

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