Monday, 18 May 2015


The success of the tutorial page brings us to the next tutorial where we will be tackling something new and exciting. In this issue we will be going through the procedure of uploading a pdf file to then be included in a post. Even though it might sound complicated, once you follow our step by step approach, you’re sure to manage. We will then take it a step further and learn how to create a link in a post.
How would you go about uploading a PDF file into a post?
To upload a PDF to a post, one must click on the ''Add Media'' button on the left hand side of the screen.

Once the following screen is displayed, one can either chose a PDF file from the ''Media Library'' (if the file has already been uploaded), or select ''Upload Files'' to upload a new PDF file.

If ones wishes to select a PDF file from the ''Media Library'', one must click once on the ''Media Library'' tab, then select the PDF file you wish to add, and then simply click ''Insert into Post''. The final step is to click on ''Submit for Review'' to update the post with the uploaded PDF file.

On the other hand, if one wishes to upload a new PDF file, one must click on ''Select Files''. One must then select the PDF file to be uploaded and click on ''Choose''.  Once the PDF file has been uploaded just click on ''Insert into Post''.

How would you create a link in a post?
To create a link, select the text which needs to be linked and click on the ''Link'' button as displayed below.

One can then either paste the URL or select the post from the bottom right menu and simply click on ''Add Link''. Click on the ''Submit for Review'' button to update the post.

For another month running, we have learnt how to use two very useful functions in the ITFA website; uploading a PDF file into a post and creating a link in a post. Even though things may seem complex at first glance, by breaking it down just as we did in the approach above, it is surely manageable by all. We do hope to see you using these functions in the ITFA website.

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