Wednesday, 4 March 2015


After the positive feedback we received from the February Newsletter with the inclusion of the tutorial page, in this issue we will be building on what was tackled in the previous month. The February issue took a step-by-step approach on how to create a new post on the ITFA website. This month we will take it a step further and will be instructing on how to update an existing post and on how to style the post text.

How would you go about updating a post?
To update an existing post, one must hover on the post menu item from the dashboard page and select ''All Posts’’ menu item.

One must bear in mind that posts can only be edited as long as they were created by the same user. Moreover, to safeguard the information contained in a post, posts cannot be deleted.
You will then be directed to the following page. Select the post you would like to edit by clicking on the title post.

You may then update the page accordingly. Once the page has been updated click on ''Update'' to save the changes made.

How would you go about styling post text?
In order to be able to select the post text styling, click on the ''Toggle Toolbar'' icon. By clicking the ''Paragraph'' dropdown menu, you may select the text style accordingly.

It is important to distinguish between: - 
Heading 2 - which is used for the large grey text
Heading 3 - which is used for the small grey text
Heading 4 - which is used for the small red text
Paragraph - which is used for the rest of the text

We truly hope that you've enjoyed learning with us and that the learning experience will come in handy in the near future. As ITFA members we must bear in mind that besides the administrators of the website it is also its members that keep the website active and alive! So we encourage you to participate and contribute towards the ITFA website.

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