Friday, 8 August 2014

IFA's New Network for Young Professionals

Let's Build the Future!

Johanna Wissing on youth initiatives at the IFA

It’s no secret that the development of young potential is key to the continued growth and on-going success of global trade in today’s world, and in the ever-evolving and growing trade finance markets. Therefore, the IFA is delighted to introduce its newly-founded initiative: Let’s build the Future! – Young Professionals in Trade Finance & Forfaiting. 

As the name suggests, our aim is to help support young trade finance practitioners’ professional growth by developing a strong network that fosters education, knowledge exchange, transfer of ideas and skills, and a lot more.

The team running this global venture currently consists of two young professionals with some years’ experience in trade finance, located in key European markets; Philipp Moulas (UniCredit Bank AG) in Germany, and Johanna Wissing (Barclays) in the United Kingdom.

All young colleagues working in trade finance and forfaiting are invited to join us and become part of IFA’s investment into the future. Over the coming months we will be launching various initiatives, including networking events, courses and mentoring programmes, and we are hoping to get as many of you involved as possible. First and foremost of course, we hope to see as many of you as possible at the annual IFA Conference in Barcelona!


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